Suggestions for walking.

Storehaugen - Lingesetfjellet

Car/bus to airport at Haukåsen. Follow the forest trail to Storehaugfjellet or Lingesetfjellet. Great views of Sogndal and Sognefjord. 
Airport to Storhaugfjellet: About. 2h walk one way. Steep terrain towards the end.
Airport to Lingesetfjellet: About. 1h walk one way. fine, flat terrain.


Åberge - Hylsete

Walk or drive up to Åberge, then follow the farm road up to hylsete
Duration: About. 1h each way.


Hodlekve - Fagereggje Hodlekve

Car/bus to hodlekve, then follow the farm road to Fossekammen.
A good visible trail follows this.
Duration:  3 - 4 hours. Fairly demanding round trip.



Bus/car over Hafslo to fork leading towards "Mollandsmorki" (look for sign).  Continue about 3 km up to parking area The trail to Molden is good, and well marked. Failry steep towards the end.
Fantastic view towards Jostedalsbreen, Sognefjord, Jotunheimen, etc.
Duration: Drive to til parking area: About. 45 min.
Duration: Parking area to Molden: About. 2h.